"Where Serenity Meets Beauty"

In the island of Samosir, in a charming lake-front position, this exclusive estate with a panoramic view is surrounded by a picturesque private park. The estate is composed of a grand mansion, enchanting villas and the crown jewel of the estate: the Serenity Chapel. A lucious 6,000 sqm garden surrounds the estate and is home to a stunning swimming pool and a fire pit. The estate is completed with spacious parking areas, a private jetty and boat mooring place.

Retreat into your private haven, indulge yourself with our specially customized dishes, enjoy privileged access to our enchanting garden and Infinity Pool, and have the serenity and beauty of Lake Toba right at your doorstep.

Toba Retreat

There is a place where the serenity rules
Where conversations with God frequently
Where spirits of ancestors guard the meadow
Where mother earth breaths energy
Relentlessly, all day and night

Morning full of glimmer
Colors indecisively dancing with rays and water
White wings fly the sky
Peace drops effortlessly in the mind
Sounds of silence, all day

Evening full of glitter
Spirits indecisively hovering over trees and water
Moonlight dance of serendipity
Body surrenders to sweetness of sleep
Whispers of solitude, all night

Spring of water
Beauty of tree
Souls cleansed
Spirits rested

Purified and united
Set free

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